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I’m Stila Diva

My sister-in-law thwarted all my efforts to avoid the mall this weekend by repeatedly tempting me to shop. I tell everyone I don’t like to go because I don’t care for the chaos, but in reality I want to buy way too many “Christmas presents” for myself while shopping for others. I was doing great at several stores, checking gifts off the list and pumping my iron fist of  “I don’t need that!” willpower until we went into Sephora. I got into some really good trouble here because I found the perfect eyeshadow palette for every occasion. Stila’s Naturaleyes offers 10 fabulous colors that are great for subtle everyday, nighttime glam and runway smokey eyes. I love to play dress up just to go to the store or clean the house. Even though I’m a busy mom and don’t go out as much as I used to, I’m Stila Diva.


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